Prices and Cost

Title Published Date
November: Midwest Inflation Rates Slowly Rise 15 December 2015
October: Increased Midwest Inflation Rates 01 December 2015
September: Increased Midwest Inflation Rates 29 October 2015
August Inflation Rates Decreased for Non-Metro Areas 30 September 2015
Midwest Annual Inflation Rates Increased, July 2015 30 August 2015
Midwest Increase in Inflation Rates May to June 2015 30 July 2015
April to May Midwest Inflation Rate Decreased in Metro Areas 19 June 2015
Commodities See Decline in Producer Price Index 01 June 2015
Midwest Inflation Rate Increased in Urban and Metro Areas 03 May 2015
Producer Price Index Shows Several Dropping Prices Over Past Year 31 March 2015
Inflation Rate Continues to Drop in Midwest 02 March 2015
Average Cost of Groceries in Wichita Four Percent Below National Average 02 March 2015
Producer Price Index Increased for Four of the Six Industries Measured 30 January 2015
Producer Price Index Up for Aircraft, Natural Gas, and Slaughter Livestock 02 January 2015
Inflation Decreases Geographically, Varies by Commodity 21 November 2014
Wichita Cost of Living Less Than National Average 21 November 2014
Inflation Varies by Geography and Commodity 30 September 2014
Inflation Up Geographically, Varies by Commodity 30 September 2014
Midwest Inflation Rate Declines in July 29 August 2014
Indices Exhibit Monthly Growth 29 July 2014