Kansas Employment Forecast, January Revision

Revised January 2017  (See previous version.)

From October 2015 to October 2016, Kansas employment declined by 0.4 percent, a decrease of approximately 5,300 jobs. The overall average for 2016 Kansas employment is expected to be flat compared to 2015, indicating growth in the last quarter of 2016.  In 2017, Kansas total nonfarm employment is forecast to increase by 13,669 jobs, with an anticipated growth rate of 1 percent.

  • The production sectors are projected to expand 0.2 percent in Kansas, adding 356 jobs in 2017.  The natural resources and construction sector is projected to have the strongest growth, expanding by 1.2 percent, while manufacturing employment is forecasted to decline slightly.
  • Trade, transportation and utilities sector employment is expected to grow 0.6 percent, adding approximately 1,500 new jobs.  Both the wholesale and retail trade subsectors are projected to have employment increases of 0.3 percent, while the trade and transportation subsector is forecast to grow more rapidly. 
  • The service sectors are anticipated to be the fastest growing segment of the Kansas economy in 2017, adding over 11,000 jobs for 1.8 percent employment growth.  The professional and business services sector is expected to lead overall service sector growth with 3.2 percent growth, adding over 5,000 jobs.  The education and health services sector is forecast to also have strong growth, adding over 4,000 jobs.
  • The government sector is expected to remain approximately constant in 2017, growing by 0.1 percent. The federal and state government sectors are forecast to decline slightly in employment, while the local government sector is anticipated experience a small amount of growth statewide.



Kansas Employment by Industry Summary* (January 2017 Revision)

2015 (a) 2016 (e) 2017 (f) 2016-2017
Level Change
Percent Change
Total Nonfarm 1,399,978 1,399,579 1,413,247 13,669 1.0%
Production Sectors 230,971 225,350 225,706 356 0.2%
Trade, Transportation & Utilities 265,440 266,033 267,543 1,511 0.6%
Service Sectors 646,843 652,228 663,670 11,442 1.8%
Government 256,725 255,968 256,328 360 0.1%
*Annual values are derived from average quarterly observations and projections.
(a) actual (e) estimated  (f) forecasted
SOURCE: Wichita State University - CEDBR

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