CEDBR provides assistance in accessing and interpreting regional economic data for non-profts, businesses, and governments.  Typical Data Reports can include the following:

  • Inflation data for cost of living adjustments
  • Employment trends for regional markets
  • Industry specific updates
  • Population /Employment forecasts
  • Poverty information for federal grants

Data Reports can be as little as $100 depending on the scope of the question and difficulty of gathering and interpreting the data.  All reports will include an excel document with tables and related graphs along with at least one paragraph explaining the trends.

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Additional Data Report Examples:
  • Aging population statistics
  • Educational attainment
  • Meat processing occupations
  • Discouraged workers
  • Wage trends
  • Aerospace trends
  • Non-employer data
  • Drive times
  • Migration by gender and race
  • Engineering employment
  • Income inequality