Darin Greseth
BG Products, Inc.

Darin began his career with BG Products in 1984, as a BG sales representative in Colorado when he was only 19. Soon after, Darin became a sales manager at another BG Distributorship in Georgia. In 1997, he and two partners formed their own BG Distributorship in Michigan. The trio transformed the Eastern Michigan territory from the bottom 10 to the top 15 among U.S. distributorships. In 2007, Darin was appointed to the BG Board of Directors. In 2010, Darin was named President of BG Products, Inc., and in 2014 appointed as CEO and then Chairman of the BG Board of Directors. Darin brings more than 39 years of BG sales experience to enhance BG’s focus in building and marketing the best line of products and equipment to the automotive, commercial, and industrial markets.